Recycling Info

Use the links below to setup your billing and account information, find your area's refuse collection schedules, and note important rules for recycling and holidays.


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To Avoid Extra Charges

  • Position the containers correctly.
  • Have the containers face forward and out at the street by 6am.
  • Leave approximately 3 feet between the garbage and recycling containers.
  • Make sure the lid closes tightly & is Not ajar.
  • Visit the transfer station when you have excess garbage.

Extra Charges

There is an additional charge for any service requiring the driver to leave the truck.

These include:

  • Re-positioning the container
  • When the container lid is ajar (approx. 2 inches or more)
  • Extra bags placed beside the container

Extra Bags:

Please place extra bags 3 feet from the container. The driver will empty your container, re-load it, and empty it again.

*If you have excess trash on a regular basis, you can add a second container for an additional monthly charge.