As you may have noticed our base prices for our services have increased. Due to worldwide inflation not seen in the United States since the 1970’s, international supply chain issues, and other escalating costs of doing business, we have had to increase prices to secure the equipment and personnel necessary to provide the high level of service our customers now enjoy.

You may have also noticed, the implementation of a Fuel /Environmental Charge. This charge gives our customers an Apples-to-Apples comparison to the rate structure other Solid Waste Service providers in our area have. Coeur d Alene Garbage Service is still the least expensive provider of Solid Waste Services in Kootenai County.

The Fuel portion of this charge may reduce if fuel prices fall. The Environmental portion is what we attribute to our overall company wide costs to operate our business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and to achieve an acceptable operating margin.

Coeur d Alene Garbage Service is a locally owned company that is committed to providing high level service at the lowest price possible to our valued customers.